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Company Information

Hegedus Aluminum Industries, Inc. is an aluminum casting foundry. It is small enough to be able to adapt to virtually any customer need, yet large enough to have a secure future, a varied customer base, and an eye toward consistent growth.

In 1959, two men with a common interest and complementary experiences came together to form what was to become Hegedus Aluminum. Dedicated from the outset to a quality casting product at a reasonable price, Hegedus Aluminum has built its reputation on satisfying customers. As a result of this reputation, Hegedus now has a base of over 350 active customers, providing castings for the Hegedus Aluminum Industries, Inc. medical, nautical, industrial painting, high performance powersport, and heavy compressor industries, to name a few. Castings from Hegedus range from decorative knobs and buttons weighing ounces to 1500-pound pistons, where metal integrity and adherence to specified tolerances are critical. Our wide customer base ensures that Hegedus already has had experience with your application, or with one similar.

Our in-house pattern facility gives Hegedus the advantage of quick turn around times on new castings as well as the flexibility to make design alterations to meet your changing needs. Hegedus' pattern shop will also provide pattern making services for your outside casting needs.

Our long history in western Pennsylvania has allowed us to form long relationships with trusted subcontractors, allowing us the flexibility to provide a finished, ready to install product. As well as on site heat treating and metal certification, Hegedus can arrange for machining, non-destructive testing, and painting or plating requirements. With our high standards of quality and vast range of casting experience, a primary advantage is our flexibility. We can produce small quantities of developmental castings rapidly, or accommodate full production orders with a reliable delivery schedule.

We at Hegedus welcome the opportunity to be your Aluminum Casting / Pattern supplier. For further details or placing a quote, please contact our sales department at:

Hegedus Aluminum Industries, Inc.
312 State Route 428, PO Box 1067
Oil City, PA 16301-0567
Phone: 814-676-5635 Fax: 814-676-9389

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